Management Training Solutions

United Technologies (Pacific Operations)

Management had a need for a program to help their business teams improve their ability to create business plans as well as troubleshoot existing plans.

Need: Business/Action Planning

Solution: Developed a one-day planning program. The program was designed to be experiential and performance based. They were introduced to a performance management model that helped them solve problems and make decisions that improved profitability.

United Technologies (Pacific Operations)

Because of these fast moving and ever changing times, the organization needed to be able to cope with the many changes that a competitive marketplace produces.

Need: Change Management

Solution: Developed a six-hour module on managing change. The program was experiential and included simulation games to help the participants discover issues related to change. The program provided the knowledge and skills necessary to manage change effectively.

United Technologies (Pacific Operations)

Continuous improvement has created the need for tools that produce increased corporate profitability. One of those tools is Process Analysis.

Need: Process Analysis

Solution: Developed a one-day program for training people in the use of process analysis. The participants learned to do process analysis by doing. They learn the different shapes and line, and most importantly, they learn how to think through modeling the way the best person performs a job.

United Technologies (Pacific Operations)

In today’s business climate, teams have become a way of life. Management needed to do everything possible to improve the efficiency and performance of its highly talented people. To do that meant team work.

Need: Team Building

Solution: Developed a program for helping people move toward becoming high performing teams. The program included simulation games to help the groups recognize the value of team work. And it went on to provide the tools and processes necessary to convert groups into high performance teams.