Performance Studies/Other


Client was dissatisfied with the cost of and methods of educating customers.

Need: Study to Improve Customer Education

Solution: Completed a number of studies to determine better methods for developing customer training systems.

Unisys Corporation/Shared Medical Systems

Client was dissatisfied with the performance of the sales organization.

Need: Study to improve sales performance

Solution: Completed field salesperson and customer interviews to collect information and data. Then a report was constructed with a number of recommendations that would resolve the barriers to progress, and improve sales performance. Recommendations included development of feedback systems, high performance processes, sales tools, etc.


Client had no training for their field service people in troubleshooting and repair of their industrial tool products.

Need: Technical & Safety Program

Solution: Developed a modular, self-paced, interactive training for pneumatic tool technicians. The multimedia program included theory, troubleshooting, repair, disassembly and assembly.

Bell & Howell

Client wanted to reduce time spent training customers in the operation of a mail processing system that collated, inserted, sealed, stamped and stacked outgoing mail.

Need: Customer Education System

Solution: Developed a self paced interactive process for helping customers learn with minimal assistance.