Sales and Marketing Solitions

Otis Elevator Co.

Needed to improve probing strategies/skills of salespeople.

Need: Sales Strategies & Skills

Solution: Designed model for using open-ended questions in selling cycle. A video supported program with print materials. Included demos and practice.

National Controls/Ingersoll-Rand

Product training needed for sales force.

Need: Sales and Product Education

Solution: Created sales model and self-paced program: product, applications, markets, and selling strategies & skills.


Wanted state of the art CD-ROM for promoting new products.

Need: Interactive, Multimedia Product Promotion CD-ROM

Solution: Developed an interactive CD-ROM including introductions to hardware & software products, with links to a technical library, a Software Center and the World Wide Web.

Pitney Bowes & Ingersoll-Rand

Complex product made it difficult for sales reps to solve customer problems without help of specialist.

Need: Interactive Product Configurator & Problem Solving Sales Aid

Solution: Created model of expert doing configuration process, including pricing. An easy to use interactive aid was developed that sales people could use to configure and price customer solutions.


Marketing had little control over sales activities and results.

Need: Major Account Management

Solution: Developed system for managing sales – planning, selling, reporting and reviewing performance.

Shared Medical & Unisys Corp

Sales organization was not performing well.

Need: Sales Organization Change Study

Solution: Reengineered the sales group by completing a performance analysis with recommendations for producing the productivity improving changes.