Software Training Solutions

Otis Elevator Co.

Sales/service people had difficulty using complex computer program for monitoring elevator usage.

Need: Training & Reference for using Digital Elevator Monitoring System.

Solution: Designed interactive system – video overview, step by step interactive training, and quick reference tool.

General Electric (RCA)

Client needed an easy to use system for training personnel in using their program.

Need: Training tool for Learning Medical Billing Software System

Solution: Developed a training & reference system designed to prompt people through using the program.

Otis Elevator Co

A training & reference system was needed for field people.

Need: Pocket sized training tool for hand-held computer system

Solution: Designed an aid, using Road Mapping and flow charting symbols to guide people through using system.

Citibank, N.A.

A software program allowing customers to access information about stocks, need a tool to make it easy to use.

Need: Securities Software Guide

Solution: Developed interactive prompting tool, using visuals and mapping process for prompting users through any task in software.

Shared Medical Systems

Needed easier method for making changes to software program screens.

Need: Interactive aid for screen changes

Solution: Designed special interactive aid for prompting customers through making changes to screens.


Telephone repair people needed to troubleshoot & repair a new telephone system with the least amount of training.

Need: Interactive Telephone Troubleshooting Tool

Solution: Developed portable, interactive troubleshooting/repair aid. A model was created of how an expert troubleshooter performed the work. An aid was designed for prompting users through identifying & fixing any problem.